A Healthy Diet & PMS


We spend a lot of time on the GirlU Blog talking about the importance of a healthy diet to help mitigate symptoms of PMS because, let’s face it, you are what you eat and what you eat matters.

Here is how a balanced diet can help with an assist from Epicurious.com and some easy recipes for one dinner!  The delicious GirlU dinner menu is Jamaican Jerk Salmon with Mango, Pineapple Salsa with sides of Sautéed Spinach and Brown Rice.

Will this dinner “cure” you of your PMS symptoms? Probably not.  One salmon dinner can’t stop the hormonal fluctuations going on inside you!  But, will a steady habit of good food choices help you maintain better balance of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients and ease hormonal fluctuations? Probably!

Look at the major ingredients from these recipes as examples of why good food choices matter.

  • Salmon                Omega-3 Fatty Acids to help ease bloating
  • Mango                  Vitamin A for clear, glowing skin
  • Pineapple            Bromelain is muscle relaxing and Manganese reduces irritability, decreases menstrual flow
  • Black Beans        Fiber alleviates water retention
  • Spinach                Iron helps keep blood sugar in check, which keeps emotions in check and Magnesium reduces stress, lifts mood, helps regulate serotonin, fights bloating
  • Brown Rice          Vitamin B6 helps alleviate mood swings and fatigue

Each of these foods has many other important vitamins and minerals in them that do other important things to support health in other parts of your body.

Add a tall glass of cucumber-infused water and you will have added quercetin, which helps fight bloating, and treat yourself to a glass of red wine and some dark chocolate squares for dessert  and you will have added antioxidants.

Cheers to making good food choices!

Beat Winter with These Healthy Crockpot Recipes!

Want to eat something healthy, warm, and easy, but just don’t have the time to put a decent meal together? Enter the ever versatile crockpot! Crockpots, or slow cookers, can solve your mealtime woes by helping you to prepare something great in advance—with very little effort!—so that you can munch on something fantastic when you get home from work or school in the evening. Just put some ingredients in a pre-warmed crockpot, let it simmer all day, and come home to deliciousness! Plus, crockpot recipes make for easy-to-store leftovers.

We’ve put together the 5 healthy, filling crockpot recipes below to get you started on your culinary adventure.


Mixed Bean Chili from Culinary Adventures in the Kitchen.

Mixed Bean Chili

Most chili recipes include beans, but what happens when you make beans the starring attraction? This fantastic medley of healthy mixed bean goodness, that’s what! This one’s vegan as well.


Indian Style Curried Eggplant

Indian Style Curried Eggplant from Veggie Wonder.

Indian Style Curried Eggplant

Indian cuisine has a fantastic mixture of unusual spices and flavors, but people often get scared off because it seems so complicated, not to mention time-consuming. Don’t worry! This curry is simple, healthy, and delicious.


Slow cooker chicken fajitas

Slow-cooked chicken fajitas from Barefeet in the Kitchen.

Not-So-Slow Cooked Chili Chicken Fajitas

Mexican food works well in the crock pot, too, and it’s pretty simple to make it a healthy option. While most crock pot recipes require you to set something up to cook pretty much all day, this one is a whole lot quicker.


Slow cooker jambalaya

A yummy jambalaya from Cooking Bride.

Hearty Slow Cooker Jambalaya

Cajun-style cooking is spicy and includes a diverse mix of ingredients…and with a crockpot, it’s easy, too! This jambalaya recipe will help you get your seafood on without agonizing over complicated, time-consuming recipes.


Salsa chicken in a wrap

A versatile salsa chicken from Bodybuilding.com

Easy Salsa Chicken

The folks at Bodybuilding.com have put together this easy-to-follow video that details an easy chicken recipe you can do just about anything with. Eat it as a wrap, with rice, or however you like!

Crockpot recipes were made for those of us who want to eat well but are too busy to spend hours in the kitchen. Let your slow cooker do the work for you!

If you’ve tried one of the above recipes—or a different one—please share your experience with us! You can find GirlU on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Guilt-Free Smoothie for PMS

Did you ever think your blender could help alleviate PMS discomfort?   There is some science behind these ingredients, but this GirlU smoothie is not only enjoyable but also incredibly healthy.  PMS is a challenge, but at GirlU we like to find natural and plant based solutions!  Here are a few of the ingredients and the reason why they are important for lessening PMS symptoms.

Main Ingredients:

  • Bananas are sweet and creamy when blended and they have a high potassium content that can help reverse the water retention often associated with PMS.
  • Cocoa powder is rich in anti-oxidants, but we put it in the smoothie as a healthy alternative for sweet and chocolaty cravings.
  • Maca powder is rich with vitamin C, D and E and is used for making those cramps, body pain and mood swings less painful and annoying.  Maca Root is a “superfood” that most people have not discovered yet, but it definitely enhances your energy level so it’s best consumed early in the day.

Here’s a #GirlUTip, for frosty, refreshing results, use frozen bananas. The easiest thing to do is to peel a banana, wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in the freezer so it is ready to go.  The last thing you want to do is wrestle the peel off when you are already in a bad mood!

Throw all of your ingredients in the blender and then sit back, drink up and enjoy!

For the full PMS smoothie recipe and nutritional content check out the video below!