Torch the Fat & Ditch the Face Paint: Simple Workout Makeup


We don’t always feel so glamorous while we’re breaking a sweat. Most of us won’t go barefaced to the gym, but pre-workout, skip that full makeup routine! The full foundation+blush+eyeliner regimen that you might have been rockin’ ever since you renewed your 24-Hour Fitness membership looks a little…well, weird.  And chances are that once you hit that target heart rate, your hard work will turn into a runny mess.

I have yet to develop a line of “run-free” makeup, but it is totally possible to strike the balance between a workout-ready and a put-together face for the gym. Taking a minimalist approach, follow these basics for your workout makeup:

  • DO: Concealer- Who said diamonds were a girl’s best friend? Apply concealer to soften the look of under-eye dark circles, zits, and blemishes.
  • DO: Tinted lip balm- The secret to keeping the lips moisturized while giving you a little color!
  • DON’T: Mascara- Unless you’re positive that the “waterproof” label is bona fide, avoid wearing mascara for the gym. Nobody likes the look of smudged mascara running down your face. (Definite respect for beads of sweat though!)

Stick to these guidelines, and let nature do the rest! You’ll get a natural, healthy glow from a solid training session. Now you know how; look good and feel good before, after, AND during your workout!

Fitness Tips That Can Help Relieve PMS Symptoms

image005We were recently quoted in the Edmonton Journal. An excerpt of the article on fitness tips for relieving PMS is listed below.

Cardiovascular exercise stimulates endorphins, a group of hormones that improve your mood and stoke your energy. It also makes you sweat, which can help if one of your PMS symptoms is bloating, says Mayling Kajiya, a New York-based certified strength and conditioning specialist and PMS expert, with an extensive background in nutrition.

They don’t have to exercise at a high intensity or the intensity they usually work out at. Walking, using a recumbent bike or cross-trainer, some light stretching, can help flexibility and relieve muscle tension.”

Mayling says: “If you can get out of bed and you can exercise, you should. Don’t be afraid of PMS or let it bother you.”

To motivate herself to get out and exercise during that time of the month, Mayling starts to listen to her workout music while she gets ready to go to the gym. She also visualizes the workout she’s going to do and how good it’s going to make her feel after.

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