Love Uninterrupted Day 3 – Thou Shalt Come From Good Stock

Love Uninterrupted Day 3 Family

When dating someone who’s different from you, take mental notes on what you’re comfortable with especially when it relates to culture and religion.You may be open to dating someone who comes from a different upbringing as you, but are you comfortable with a long term relationship when there’s such a difference?

Questions you may want to answer for yourself before asking your date:

  • Do I want kids? If so how many?
  • How close am I with my family?
  • Do I want him/her to have the same bond with their family?
  • How involved is your family in your life?
  • How involved do you want his/her to be?

Changes in family values and/or upbringing can spell heartbreak if not agreed upon early. Interfaith relationships can work when you both agree to compromise. How much are you willing to compromise?

If you’re a devout Catholic, can you build a family with an atheist? It’s definitely doable, but the real question is “do you want to?”

Today's Assignment: Take a few minutes to answer the following and reflect on your answers to these questions:

  • How important is it for you to always be right?
  • When you think of the word “family” what comes to mind?
  • How important is it for you to have children?
  • How important is religion for you, if at all? Are you comfortable with inter-faith relationships?

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Love Uninterrupted Day 2 – Thou Shalt Have Integrity

Love Uninterrupted Day 2 Integrity

Integrity: adhering to specific behaviors, actions, expectations and outcomes as if they were the right way to be.

  • Once you have examined loyalty, integrity is next.
  • Does someone have the same morals you?
  • Does your significant other keep their promises to you? How about with others?

Pay attention to what someone says and what they do. That’s very telling of their character. Action always speaks louder than words.

Gauging integrity requires a personal reality check. Begin with critiquing yourself before judging someone else’s integrity. There’s nothing wrong with having standards as long as you hold yourself to them as well.

  • Is lying ever justified?
  • To protect a loved one?
  • To spare their feelings?
  • To protect yourself?

Life is full of grey areas. Integrity is not a black/white topic. The important thing is to know yourself well enough to know what compromises you’re willing to make with someone else’s choices. What is the context? “Would you lie” is a loaded question because answers would change depending on the circumstances.

Today's Assignment: Take a few minutes to answer the following and reflect on your answers to these questions:

  • Would you (have you) ever cover for a coworker who leaves early, takes long lunches, pockets office supplies, etc?
  • Do you keep secrets from your partner? If so, what kind and why?
  • Have you ever had to embellish a story?
  • How much do you judge others? What do you judge them for?

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